The mission of Trapline Lodges is to offer products from a variety of different aspects of the Plains Indian experience and culture. This catalog displays canvas products and also an ever increasing array of artifact replication.

I began with tipis and have evolved into including things found in tipis. Many tipi companies venture into yurts, tents and awnings. I decided to stay a little closer to the historical trail of the Plains Culture. I've been inspired by collections I've seen in Museums, western powwows, and by artists and illustrators that documented the endangered culture of the Native American at the tail end of the fur trade. Watercolor paintings by Carl Bodmer fired my imagination as a kid. I've studied artifacts behind glass cases. Over the years I've acquired the skills to reproduce some of these items such as brain tanned hides for garments, weaponry, bows, arrows, stone clubs, etc.

Museum collections are typically limited to what was available during the years of conflict. Searching out individuals who had these skills passed on to them, researching books and spending time finding anyone and anything that would teach me, I have learned to accurately recreate many items. I've fine tuned and continue to learn the ways and products and will continue to add to the many items available through Trapline Lodges.